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Aroras Treat In Jodhpur

01 Jul 2015 06:08:17 PM

Aroras Treat In Jodhpur contact, address, phone number, services, offers, reviews, images, map and video on City Guide Page.

Aroras Treat, Sardarpura, Jodhpur, Restaurant, Veg Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant, Ice Cream Parlour, Indian Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Multicuisine Restaurant, Pizza Restaurant, Rajasthani Restaurant

Contact Person : Mr Vipin Arora

Mobile : +(91)-9928784000

Address : 11th B Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

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Maarwari Foods Services In Jodhpur

01 Jul 2015 11:13:54 AM

Maarwari Foods Services In Jodhpur contact, address, phone number, services, offers, reviews, images, map and video on City Guide Page.

Maarwari Foods Services, Chopansi Road, Jodhpur, Restaurant, Family Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant, Indian Restaurant, Rajasthani Restaurant, Thali Restaurant, Fast Food Home Delivery, Home Delivery Restaurant, Jain Food Restaurant, Veg Restaurant, North Indian Restaurant

Contact Person : Mr Ashok Bhansali

Telephone : +(91)-291-2635880, +(91)-291-2637890

Mobile : +(91)-9829029868, +(91)-7791052007, +(91)-9829974007

Address : Santdham Building, Opp New Kohinoor Cinema And Bikaner Hosiery, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Description : Office Lunch, Pack Food Available.....

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Bhawani Dal Bati and Churma Restaurant In Jodhpur

23 Jun 2015 12:57:51 PM

1 Mirch vada 1.Starting with one of the most appealing street foods, mirch vada or mirchibada literally means stuffed green chillies. A simple filling of mashed potatoes with local spices is stuffed into chillies which have been slit length ways. 2 Mirch badas 2.Mirch badas are chillies dipped in a thick paste of gram flour and deep friend twice in hot oil. This gives it a crispy exterior which stays in the mouth until the last bite. Though you can buy these little morsels on every street corner the best places to get them are Choudhary Namkeen (Sardarpura) and Surya Namkeen (Jalori Gate). 3 Samosas 3.Although samosas are a little more familiar outside of India, this fried or baked pastry filled with spiced potatoes, onions and peas is larger and more tasty in Jodhpur that anywhere else in the country. Some of the best places selling this wonderful little snack include Shahi Samosa in jodhpur(near the old city gate) and Janta Sweets (Station Road). 4 Kachoris 4.Next in queue, are the famous pyaaz (onion) kachori and dal (lentil) kachori which are as famous as the city itself. From their exterior they resemble a fried donut but inside lies a scrumptious filling of ground onions, mixed spices and lentils. Typically pyaaz kachoris are made in the morning and dal kachoris are for the afternoon. Head to Janta Sweets (Station Road) or Surya Namkeen (Jalori Gate) for some of the best. 5 Omlets 5.Although omelets mixed with onions and spices are not typical of this region of India but have been adopted and adapted by the locals who can’t get enough of them. To get the best visit Vicky’s Omelet shop on the right side of the old city gate where more than fifty varieties can be found. 6 Dal baati churma in jodhpur 6.You won’t find this in any upscale restaurant but a must for a visit to Jodhpur is dal baati churma. Dal (lentil soup) is served with balls of whole wheat that have been baked or fried in sumptuous ghee. It’s served with churma, a sweet made from sauteed flour mixed with sugar. Visit Bhawani dal baati, is a local favourite. 7 Gulab jamums 7.For the sweet toothed try gulab jamums, mohan thaals and edible gum sweets. Head to Ghantaghar or the clock tower just below Mehrangarh fort at Mishrilaal’s sweet corner. 8 Makhaniya lassi 8.How about finishing everything off with a famous makhaniya lassi, a thick yogurt drink served with a dollop of white butter. This surprising refreshing drink is best at Mishrilal (Old City).

The prime tourist attraction in Chittorgarh is the fort of Chittogarh, which is located on a steep hill beside the main township. The chhatris or memorials of Jaimal and Kalla which mark the spots where they fell while bravely defending the fort during a siege in 1586 speaks for the valor of Rajputs. Rana Kumbha Palace is an important spot and it is believed that Queen Padmini had performed jauhar in one of its cellars. The Archeological Museum, the Singa Chowri Temple, and the Fateh Prakash Palace and Museum adjacent to Rana Kumbha Palace are worth visiting. The Victory Tower or Vijay Stambh is one of the main tourist attractions of the fort. The Tower of Fame or Kirti Stambh is another important monument. built in 12th century and is dedicated to Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankara (spiritual leader).

Sanjeev Jaipur Senior Reviewer 6 reviews 5 helpful votes "Good local food joint" Reviewed 4 September 2013 Food, Seating is ordinary Dal batti is spicy, be prepared for lots of water drinking post meal. Go for churma as sweet desert. Ignore the hygine- the food is fresh and ok. Was this review helpful? Yes Problem with this review?

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